PRAYERS…a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.

The Dark, Magical Vision of Cholo Goth Duo Prayers

We are a celebration of self empowerement, from the
vision of Leafar Seyer and Dave Parley

A place where two worlds collide to create a brand new, unprecedented one.
The pioneers of the chologoth (also known as SD Killweave) genre and movement, their raw, urban, crue roots manifested in a musical project that started in 2013.

Four records on the line, multiple shows throughout the US and a large cult-following have positioned Prayers as one of the most promising indepentant duos of our time.
A life-long creator, Seyer crossed paths with Parley, who had drumming background and a fondness for electronic music, at a gig of his then-project. They agreed to meet up shortly after to start creating their own material: 8 songs in just 2 days, which ended up being their debut EP: SD Killwave.

Prayers songs are in no way intended for a specific audience, but rather created to enjoy and seek a sense of freedom, providing a safe haven for anybody who finds pleasure in breaking all kinds of stereotypes through music and self-expression.

The Dark, Magical Vision of Cholo Goth Duo Prayers